Merry Christmas from Pearland, Texas!  2013

It is with considerable joy which I write this Christmas letter; that because I can type it now (albeit with one hand only!), as opposed to last year which I had to hand-write it. It’s joy I feel  because I can happily tell you about my great family!

I usually don’t talk them on Face Book, because ask my kids will tell you-I would!

Emily: is happy as a clam living in Brooklyn. She has a very cool website (  She loves NYC, she says feel energized by the city. By the way that is her cat “Franklyn” a girl (a story in itself).  I am proud of her for picking the role bicycle advocate, also for supporting herself.  She had a dream, a vision she wanted to go to New York City.  And with one suitcase off she went! Now she rides all over the city; recently completely a 100 mile ride!  Also, she was part a group that carried water and food into Brooklyn when the power was off and it was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. She has plans for bigger and better things; I can’t wait to see them!

Ross: I’m proud of for his bravery, he puts on his uniform for Houston Police Department and go to work (nights) in the 3rd ward of Houston. Ross graduated at the top of his class at HPD Academy (in fact, first in his class academically!).  He loves being a cop. He also has plans for bigger things.  As part of that we looking forward to a wedding between he and Elyse Derr sometime in 2015, we love her and think he has made a good choice, (and she has too!)

Jon has a great job, and discovering what in get and go to work sometimes 10 hours per day! He working down in Texas City at Marathon Refinery, and earning Associates degree in evaluating pipeline safety using the latest ultrasound technology; something he really enjoys.  Jon has a sweet girlfriend Saydi Wollney.

Zachary (or Z) is a junior at Pearland High School.  As always he is doing great in school, he will be going to college in a little over 2 years, hard for me to believe, he is undecided about where he wants to go and want it is he wants to do.  Not so different from me when I was his age!  He participated on the track team and did pole vaulting; he did well wining 1 or 2nd place in his meets.  Now he is involved in Academic Decathlon; a team activity which Ross had so much success in. He the first from our family to make to varsity-level in athletics and academic teams, a real accomplishment in his huge High School. We wish him luck!

Fay has been very, very busy for Keep Pearland Beautiful (, a wonderful nonprofit located in Pearland. She is Director of Programs & Operations. She is preparing for 20 Annual Tour de Lites (; which I am going to ride in for the 5th year in row.

As for me, I spent the year working out the gym, gardening, reading, and writing, and blogging.(e.g. busy being retired!). See the articles I have written in the past year:








2012 Christmas Letter:

Dear Folks-

Here I go and type a few lines to fill you in on what the Watson Family has been doing the past few months.  The kids have been busy:  Emily is happy living in Brooklyn. She is working as video editor and writer having remarkable success at it.  Her goal is to begin traveling for her job.  Ross took LSAT (Law School Admission Test scored well, and decided to pay it he would apply at Houston Police Academy).  That why I don’t post anything about him; HPD ask not post about because, of pyscho’s who could stalk him—but…I can tell he’s at top of the class and we are very proud of him! Jon has graduated from HS and is a solid man who is taking classes at San Jacinto Communality College.  He is interest in strength/kinesiology.  Zack is 10th grader at Pearland High School (PHS), He just finished another successful year in the PHS marching band, the band competed UIL state contest (and got 23rd place) in San Antonio.  Next Z look forward to pole vaulting with the track team turn he he’s good at it (he wants to do it because no other of the siblings has done it; he competed as 9th grader with varsity track team at PHS and 5th place in the district-wide as HPD.

       Fay and has gone great guns as Director of Programs and Operations for Keep Pearland Beautiful.  She works hard and doing great. Me I’m getting grayer I think I am recovering well after my stroke I’m settling in to a routine getting up every morning and going to the gym.

Happy Holidays,  Love

The Watson

News from the Watson Family, Christmas 2011

Dear Folks,

The Watson Family +Elyse :-)
GREETINGS!  I decided I would hand-write my letter as I had quite a bit of time on my hands.  You’ve probably heard by now that I have had a massive stroke, which in all honesty almost killed me; it took out part of my brain.  I have something called apraxia, so I can’t form speech appropriately.  But...thank God I can think and write!  As a friend once said, “Well, you got it all.”  So, I will let my pen do the talking.  As usual I will talk about the kids, who I am very proud of!

Zack: He has grown!  Zack is probably 5’10”; the baby of the family is really growing up!  He is in 9th grade at Pearland High School.  He is a member of the marching band.  A highlight of this year is that he and Jon went to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico for an 80 mile trek.  Zack came back from NM, and then went for one week of camping and kayaking from the new Bay Area Council Sea Base in Galveston (Zack won this camp by being a member of the patrol that won the Council-wide Scout Camporee Competition in the Spring).  Zack continues to do well in school.  He likes science, math and marching band.

I am quite proud of the way Jon and Zack recognized my stroke, acting coolly and calmly (working together as a team).  One of them called 9-1-1 and the other stayed with me.  I am sure I would have died if they had not acted so quickly.  Thankfully, BSA first aid training saved me.

Jon: really is almost an adult, not just of legal age. He has matured a lot this year and is a senior at Pearland High School.  In addition to going off for an adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch, he also found a job through his girlfriend Saydi.  After school started, he began working at Tropical Snow Cones owned by Kozas.  Jon is doing well in school, thanks to meeting (well actually he has known her since 2nd grade) Saydi who has been encouraging him to focus on schoolwork more.

Ross: has been progressing through his senior year at University of Houston.  He is majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry.  During the summer he worked three different jobs, making spending money and keeping him out of trouble.  His girlfriend Elyse moved home from Texas State and both she and Ross are RABID Crossfitters.  He has an excellent GPA and will graduate before Christmas on the 16th of December.  Fay and I are very proud to have two college graduates among our 4 kids!

Emily: Fred has been living in Brooklyn, New York for the past 21 months.  She has been working as an associate producer for a production company in the city since April. They will (hopefully!) be producing a feature-length movie this coming spring/summer. In her spare time, Fred’s also been screenwriting, video editing and learning a lot about filmmaking. Right now, she says she’s working on a music video with a group of friends in the city, and hoping to direct her first short film in the next few months.

Fay: Boy, what can I say? She is hella fine.  She is a workout queen — very strong with a very good endurance (thanks to Crossfit, which she loves).  Fay is tough as nails.  She stayed with me in the hospital on the single-person sleeper chair.  After I was off the ventilator she started working out very early in the morning most mornings while it was still dark outside, during this long hot summer.  I don’t know how she does it, but she has also been successful at work as assistant director of Keep Pearland Beautiful.  Linda Cowles (Executive Director) and Fay work well together as a team and have been successful winning a State Community Award and went to New Orleans the week after Thanksgiving to pick up a National Award from Keep America Beautiful.  In her spare time (yes!),  she is volunteering at church as a photographer and IT.  I am deeply indebted to her.

me: As for me, I spent 9 days in the Neuroscience ICU of Hermann Memorial Hospital.  I don’t remember much from that time.  You can read more about this by reading the updates that Fay wrote on this website and here in this document.

All of us wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Enjoy it and spend it well with people you love, and as Garrison Keillor says, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”


David, Fay, Emily, Ross, Jon and Zack