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A full workday for Fay

posted Aug 23, 2011, 7:47 AM by Fay Watson   [ updated Aug 23, 2011, 9:21 AM ]
I spent a whole 9 hours working in the KPB office on Monday.  David actually made it through the day here at the Colonnades fairly well.  Although I am again disappointed in the nursing care by some of the nurses here.  Now don't get me wrong there are some good nurses here.  The problem is that it only takes one bad moment with a nurse to to ruin your day.  

Everyone that works here is color coded, and apparently tasks are hierarchically assigned to employees dressed in specific colors.  God forbid that someone in blue or red should take your bag of trash away or empty your bedside commode.  Sometimes the immediacy of someone else's discomfort might warrant you doing something that is not in your job description.  Using a bedside commode in your room and smelling it up is not something most adults would willingly choose, need I say more? So emptying it should be a priority, otherwise the smell is a reminder that you had to use it.

When I am on site I choose to do all of the nasty jobs that are humiliating for him.   On average the past three weeks of the total 168 hours per week I have been here all but maybe 40 hours/week.  Besides the first shower he got, when I didn't know how things work around here.  We have not asked anyone to give David a shower, or wipe his ass or empty the bedside commode.  When I am not here I do expect these folks to do the ANY and ALL of these tasks, because they are after all paid to do these things.

Dear Colonnades Staff:
THINK, think about how dehumanizing it is to hear someone talk about you like you aren't present.  HOW humiliating it is for any adult to ask for help for simple things that we don't give a second thought about.  BE COURTEOUS to everyone, you don't know who THAT person is... they could be the Mayor of Pearland (by the way he did stop in and visit David one morning) or the President of the Pearland Independent School District - yes he was here visiting too.  AND talking about patients (medications and other medical issues) in the hallway amongst yourselves...save some of that for a more private room (for one thing it is a HIPPA violation).

Whining is pervasive around here, not the kind of half joking whining that the KPB staff does as we drink coffee. WE (the patients and family) are TIRED too, WE are not ALL happy with life EITHER, WE are here because of old age, misfortune or a mishap of some sort,  WE should get to be in an atmosphere filled with more positive STAFF.  Make eye contact with me...If you smile a genuine smile, I guarantee you will get one back from me!

AND well I have definitely vented enough...

On the other hand....the Rehabilitation Staff here is EXCELLENT, POSITIVE, HARD WORKING and CARING!  They exude professionalism, confidence and energy.  David has been more than pleased with you all.  Thank you for doing your jobs with an AWESOME ATTITUDE!

Thanks to Sue Watson (Mom) for coming down here and helping with the Watson Teens.  They have handled things in their own way for 5 weeks now and could definitely use Grammy's love and touch!

VISITORS!  YES please come!!!! David wants and needs to see YOU from the outside, normal world!