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A good day...

posted Aug 18, 2011, 6:14 PM by Fay Watson   [ updated Aug 18, 2011, 6:36 PM ]
Two trips to the house today...thanks to Mr. forgetful Jon, who must get the trait from me.  

I started the day helping David get his shower.  Had to track down a CNA to get a shower chair and then towels...for some reason around here you have to BEG for two towels... these aren't even Motel 6 type towels, they are crappier than that.  Ross dropped in on his way to move into his apartment.  We chatted for a while, then it was time for David to head to Rehab.  

I went to the house to pick up Z.  We went to PHS (well really Searcy Ninth Grade Center) so that he could complete the registration process (proof of residency before we could get his schedule).  We stopped by KPB and dropped off CLEAN safety vests and Delores F's soup pot (YES, the boys liked the taco soup a lot!).  We went to Kroger and shopped for groceries and all of the ingredients for spaghetti sauce.  Zack assembled the spaghetti sauce over the next 2 or 3 hours (I don't think he stays on task the whole time).  I did get several text messages asking for advice.

Back to the Colonnades... and David was eating lunch with the speech therapist.  He ate mechanical ground food for lunch and he was so happy!  Things are getting better little by little Thank you Lord for listening to our prayers!

Ah yes...the second trip....I forgot my purse at the house...asked Jon to bring it to Pearland Crossfit ... alas he forgot it.  So...I made a second trip!  

Dinner and then a visit with our friend John G.  Now we are watching "Juno."  Goodnight ALL!