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Another College GRAD!

posted Dec 15, 2011, 5:38 PM by Fay Watson
It is official...the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Houston invited Ross Watson to participate in commencement exercises.  HE got this invitation yesterday and posted it on Facebook.  What a great way to find out that your son is really going to graduate!  STILL, WE ARE VERY PROUD!  21 years old, wow time has flown!  Thank you for working hard and finishing this up!

We are proud of all four of children for the way they have responded to David's stroke.  I know that it has in some ways been the most difficult for Emily (AKA Fred) than for the boys.  She is so far away!  Ross has had a flexibility this semester to REALLY help with chauffeuring.  Jon worked until November and since the Sno-Cone place shut down for the winter he has been able to help as well.  Ross and Jon have grocery shopped, ran errands and have been great coaches / cheerleaders for David!  Zachary has been very busy with school and marching band.  He still finds time to be helpful.  He has turned out to be a great cook.  

Well, I am done bragging now...instead I want to say THANK you to ALL for of YOU!  Your love, encouragement and HELP have made life better for ALL of US!