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Another Day - Can it be 17?

posted Aug 1, 2011, 6:45 AM by Fay Watson
I started the day with a workout at Pearland Crossfit.  My buddy that pushes me to excel was not able to workout this morning at 515.  Perhaps if I had known that I would have stayed in my comfy sleeper.  I really got up because I wanted to workout with Lori...
David is more awake this morning.  Gout in his big toes...yikes!  Do we have to deal with everything at once?  His shoulder that has been bothering him (his left) when he does lifts is still sore when moved certain ways.  So, I asked him is he wanted to see an orthopedist while we were here... NO!  And he rolled his eyes at me.  Talking more clearly now that he is trying to dumb things down for us.  Smaller words and syllables are easier to to understand.  He is actually able to make more and of the more complicated sounds.
Visits from Mike and Jill, David and Melanie were very good distractions yesterday.  The boys came up and everyone huddled around the laptop to watch the finals of the 2011 Crossfit Games (I think the crossfit women around the world are in love with Rich Fronberg).  As Eylse posted on facebook, "Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning... can I also say sexiest? ;)"  Ross is still in love with Camille Leblanc...
A big shout out to Kristi!  Thanks for coming up and taking my mind off of the hospital for a while.  Distractions are incredibly good!  AND I think I am going to special request that my camera come here...I am feeling the need to take photos now... yeah!!!
Today will be full of therapy sessions so hopefully he can nap a while and re-gather some strength!