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Being UNcomfortable

posted Oct 12, 2011, 5:39 AM by Fay Watson
Last night on KHOU Channel 11 they called Crossfit a cult!  If it is indeed a cult then I am all to happy to be a member.  IT has been the best thing for us.  IT has been central to making us overall stronger people.  To get the most out of our Crossfit experience we have had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  David is really missing Crossfit and as soon as we know what is going on with his shoulder he wants to be back.  
Read a posting by Lisa Thiel on her blog.  About Respect and Loyalty, about coaches mostly but it really applies to everyone.  http://www.lisabenderthiel.com/2011/10/vulnerability-to-earn-loyalty-and.html#comments  Lead me to think about respect and loyalty and what those mean to me.  They really mean more to me now than ever.  You can respect who a person is, who they were and who they are becoming.  People change over time,  life and the experiences they have play a part in this evolution.  
I used to be so uncomfortable performing whether it be singing, playing a solo on the clarinet, giving a speech or working out infront of other people.  I learned a lot from my husband over the years.  He always encouraged and pushed me to do the things that I liked to do and even those things I found difficult.  With his help I trained myself to not be shy.  I got used to being comfortable with the uncomfortable.  David has taught me so much about respect and loyalty over the past few years.  I hope that through these last few months he knows how much of me I have been trying to pour into him.  Sitting by that bed in the ICU almost 3 months ago I really didn't think we would make to our anniversary together.  Now,  I am once again looking forward to having an "old" age together!
Back to Crossfit...I enjoy the challenges and frustrations of working out.  Today I was frustrated with front squats, Nicole was right there encouraging me and not letting me quit!  Sometimes I am so fixated on doing things Rx that I forget that I am a 47 year old woman with limitations!  BUT if nothing else...I keep on trying!