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Dare we say it is Fall?

posted Oct 2, 2011, 8:33 AM by Fay Watson
It was 63 degrees when we left the house.  It was only 75 when we got out of church at 0950!  Is it Fall dare we think it is finally FALL?  I hope so!  I should have run this morning!  But it was already scheduled to be a REST day and I am trying to take REST days seriously.  So, instead I laid in bed reading FB updates and playing Words with Friends.  Then we got up and got ready to go to Dunn Brothers for coffee and oatmeal before church.  Dunn Brothers has good coffee and a very good atmosphere.
NHE was great as usual!  Pastor V preached about leaving the Past in the Past today.  And Ben led the music worship.  Seeing all our good friends and taking pictures again to get the flavor of our service...it felt really good!