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Day 18 of our Stay

posted Aug 2, 2011, 6:04 AM by Fay Watson
Another night at Hermann Memorial...
Another opportunity to observe the nursing staff and aides/techs.
David hit the call button, for some reason the male voice at the other end was under the impression that he would speak clearly his need and since he was not able to... the voice didn't send anyone to check on David.  He hit is again and still nothing, I laid there thinking OMG if I wasn't here how long would he lay here with this need not met?  The first two times I didn't see anyone out the window of the door.  I looked again and saw his nurse.  I opened the door and asked her to help me.  won't go into the details here...
but what I really want to know is... what do patients who are alone and can't speak do?  Who is their advocate, who makes them staff do the right things?
Hopefully, we will move out of here and into the next level facility...
I'll post some more later when I recover my sense of calm :-)