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Elevators, Homework and PT

posted Sep 1, 2011, 5:35 PM by Fay Watson   [ updated Sep 1, 2011, 6:14 PM ]
First- a big thanks to those of you who continue to drop comments into the visitor form...David really enjoys looking at those! So please do take a few minutes to add to the Visitor Thoughts!
I have been working most of the week this week.  Tuesday was a brief amount of time spent working on a file sitting at Birdsong Printing.  Thank you to Michele for teaching me a few Mac tricks!  I am starting September by getting back into the 40 hour a week work schedule.  Part of me dreads leaving David, and the other part of me knows that he needs to be his own "voice" even if he as to write some of it down.  We loaded an aphasia app on his Ipad.  It has a male voice and can help him talk to people.  HE has no problem understanding you when you speak to him.  He has problems speaking back and for the most part he is doing a pretty good job writing things down.  He has had some speech therapy homework.  He likes to put it off, just like other folks in this family!  So, while I am working he is working hard on rehabilitation.
Our two mothers came and visited David yesterday afternoon.  They brought him Zs and Grammys spaghetti.  I think it was pretty good!  I picked up Z from his band practice and he hung out here with us and we helped him with his biology homework.  Question of the day .... from his homework, define the heat of specific of water ... Z asked if maybe it was supposed to be specific heat (of course it is!!!) and was rebuffed by his teacher.  We found some other poorly written items on that sheet!
We figured out how to extend my photo on the city calendar to September (I must apologize to Michele Smith - we cut you off the calendar).  IT was David's idea.  Apparently David likes having my photo up there on the wall you can ask him precisely why.  Ross came by this evening.  He is a fount of information these days.  He got all the classes he needed to be able to graduate in December with a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry.  Jon still likes working.  Zachary has had a ton of homework with a big assignment due right after Labor Day.  
AND we got a wonderful email telling us that the elevator at the Pearland Football Stadium is not operational and may take up to 6 weeks to repair.  Great timing!  As David says...I helped to build this stadium and elevator and when I NEED it - KAPUT!  As you know the band's halftime show looks great from field level (can you hear the sarcasm?).  Luckily enough  people voted for the Pearland vs Kempner game to be the friday night frenzy game on channel 2.  Come by the Colonnades and watch the game with us...I'll buy the beer :-) and make the popcorn!