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First Outing

posted Sep 5, 2011, 6:05 AM by Fay Watson
It was awesome checking David out yesterday.  Zack and I learned how to fold up the wheelchair.  We can fit it in the back seat of the Insight (I have my whole wardrobe in the trunk in a laundry basket).  As we headed out around 9:00AM we asked David what he wanted to do.  He wanted to go to Kelley's in Pearland for breakfast (we eat omelettes - his a Fiesta mine a veggie - made with egg whites and swiss cheese, and for sides have sliced tomatoes and grilled mushrooms).  It is our favorite date to have breakfast together, a great way to start the day after working out.  We shared the event with Zack, Jon, Mom Watson and Uncle Jack.
After breakfast we headed to New Hope East.  It was so good to see our friends and to hear the band, and listen to third in the Antichrist series by Pastor Tim.  It will be awesome when we can get back to volunteering!
Next we went to the house, David walked up to the house!  We left the wheelchair in the car.  Lola was happy to see us!
On the way back to the Colonnades we stopped to see Jon at Tropical Chill...we got two smalls...but left no tip (I did buy him breakfast afterall :-)).
Mike made his first solo trip since breaking his ankle 4 weeks ago!  We had visits from Rhonda P, yeah!  AND from Tony and Leah R, so good to see more family.  We really need to try to get together more often under different circumstances.  Thanks to ya'll for bringing us back fajitas for two.