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Friday Night Lights

posted Sep 24, 2011, 7:00 PM by Fay Watson
No rehabilitation on Fridays, we have started doing some workouts prescribed by our friend Garrett.  Tuesday and Thursday evennings we tried the high knee run down the length of the pool, with a set of 20 squats on the shallow end eat time.  David is doing well with it!  Thursday he did 300m of pool running!  Friday I got a text that David was going to walk to Walmart (2miles altogether to get there and back).  He did it and texted me when he got back home!  He bought himself a filet-o-fish sandwich while there. 

And speaking of food...must thank the wonderful folks from NHE campus who have volunteered to bring meals!  We appreciate this so much!  The transition to moving back home has been made easier because of the help from you!

September 23, 2011 and the Pearland Oilers took the field against Clear Springs.  I took David up to our seats and then went down to help with concessions.  I have never worked doing  the Italian Ice freezer.  I reluctantly agreed to help and was grateful to work with two awesome PTA volunteers (Cindy Schilaub and Laura Giles).  I got to see lots of friends standing there under the stadium and working this booth.  Some of the ices were harder than others to scoop up.  Cindy was not having fun with the BLUEBERRY!  I stayed at the freezer until my relief person showed up.  I then helped Gayle Lee for a little while until it was time for the Pride of Pearland Marching Band to take start their show!  David and Jon enjoyed the football game (well the first half - which the oilers were winning no problem).  BUT the halftime show of the PHS Marching Band was outstanding!  they have learned up to set 55.  AND it is GREAT!  David said a lot of folks came by and said hello (thanks to you all!).  We left after the half time show... the oilers ended up losing, but we are happy, we got to see our first Oiler football game this year!