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Irene hits East Coast

posted Aug 27, 2011, 10:01 AM by Fay Watson
We woke up early, I climbed up into the hospital bed (there is actually room for both of us...we might be able to squeeze one more small person in bed with us!  We miss our queen sized bed :-).  Looks like Emily is going to get rain in Brooklyn.  She is on the third floor of a brownstone so I think she will be safe enough AND of course she is hurricane prepared!

Jon is getting trained today to work at the Tropical Sno place adjacent to Kozas!  YEAH!  He will work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Zachary was pooped out this morning.  I think this week of school has been tough on him, especially the first football game being on a Thursday evening!

David is walking a little better, getting a little stronger.  I talked to the rehab director yesterday.  They really don't know what his long term prognosis is, each patient is so different.  AND recovers at a different rate.  ALL I can do is be here, love and support him!