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IT is Sunday!

posted Aug 7, 2011, 12:34 PM by Fay Watson
The day started out a little bit rocky, but I think that is has steadily improved.  I got here around 7AM this morning.  We talked, we may have cried a little.  Mike showed up with a newspaper and a smile.  We tried to log into www.newhopechurch.tv on the Macbook Pro.  We ended up using David's Dell just in time to see the 20 second warning that church was about to begin.  Ben Donnelly Band sounded terrific this morning and listening to the music made David smile big!

Linda stopped by and caught us up on local politics and news.  George and Renee came by next and had us laughing again!  Thanks to all of you who come by and visit.  We really do enjoy these moments. :-)  If you are out and about in the vicinity of the Pearland Town Center you are actually close to us.  12001 Shawdow Creek Parkway, Pearland, TX  77584.

The boys and Elyse are here now.  We are chilling out, it is after all a day of rest.  Now we are going to turn on an episode of Young Indiana Jones...always a hit around the Watson Household!