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January is gone....

posted Feb 5, 2012, 9:51 AM by Fay Watson
Hopefully, there are still friends out there checking back here occasionally to see what we are up to in Pearland.  David has settled into a routine of therapy and working on some projects, studying trends in the scientific literature and pneumococcus (I think that is the gist of it).  He is keeping up with folks through Facebook.  AND training at Pearland Crossfit with the boys.  Daily tasks still tire him out.  It takes a lot of mental energy to use the left side of his body.  Not just for speaking, eating, drinking....using his left leg and left arm and hand too.  The boys are a big help.  It certainly has been a much bigger adjustment than I ever imagined.  David is bored, he needs to make contact with his friends and colleagues.  He does much better one on one, with folks who have the patience to listen carefully and let him formulate his response (his brain is working as fast as ever) but making speech come out word for word is the difficult part - he has to think through how to make the words sound right.