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Just one more Day here at the Colonnades

posted Sep 11, 2011, 12:46 PM by Fay Watson
One more night here and then....
YES!  Sleeping at our house!!!!
We went to Starbucks with Z.  Robert L.  saw us pull in and stopped to say hello.  
Last night we did go to Corks and Canvas, it was awesome to see performing arts.  Not just singing, but musical instruments, dramatic readings, pieces of musicals and puppetry!  
We went to Emma's Grill...There we saw Phaedra and Joe.  So nice to see folks we know everywhere we go :-).
Z and I got up early and went to the 9-11 heroes run, 5k for the 9k! So proud of Z!!! HE finished third in the 14 and younger grouping.  With his time HE would have finished third in the 15-18 grouping as well!   Go Z Go!
Now he is doing homework at home...I think...
I have packed up all EXTRA crap in this room.  WE are READY for RELEASE!