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Moans & Groans ...

posted Sep 20, 2011, 9:24 AM by Fay Watson
Borrowing the title from the PCF blog of the day.  I am sure PCF will not mind :-)!  Moaning and Groaning through workouts seems to be par for the course at each WOD.  Complaining not so much... 

This morning we talked about CLEANING, not cleaning the gym, that was yesterday's topic and definitely not cleaning weight... Cleaning up the things in your life that drag you down...funny how you start on one topic and wind your way around to another... this conversation started with talking about BLOGS on Crossfit Box sites. So check out this blog  Clear Lake Crossfit Blog and I will have to figure out how to get to my old blog on "spaces" I had many a blog about ditching negativity and moving forward in life.

David continues to make progress.  Not as fast as he would like, but progress nonetheless!  We are going to get in the water at LaFitness this evening and see how that works.  Garrett wants us to try for two times this week.

The food team at New Hope East Campus is working magic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!