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Oct. 15, 2011

posted Oct 15, 2011, 6:07 PM by Fay Watson
Today has been a good day.  Zack and I started the day at the Donut shop, he had a Hill Country Farm Sausage, Jalopeno and Cheese kolache.  I dropped him off at the Band Hall, PHS is competing in the Lone Star Preview Marching Contest.  Not sure if they made the finals or not.  My next stop was the Yardwise Garden adjacent to the Stella Roberts Recycling Center, one of Pearland LDS Stakes was cleaning up today.  Some of the KPB trusty volunteers showed up to supervise and help with the clean up effort.  Thanks to these Latter Day Saints and our KPB Board Members (Delores Fenwick, Janet Eastburn and Helen Beckman).  I took some photos there at the Yardwise Garden and then headed to Pearland Crossfit.  I love my Crossfit Family.  I know that David has a difficult time understanding exactly how much it means to me.  I probably really don't understand it perfectly well myself.  I do know that I have grown to really care for the coaches and my fellow athletes.  I know that Jon and Ross feel the same way.  Everyone's stories are different yet we have all come to love Crossfit.  I actually didn't work out... I am resting today.  David and I spent the afternoon having a coffee, shopping and then home.  Nothing very exciting really, but a nice day altogether.