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Our Fitness Journey

posted Oct 5, 2011, 6:27 AM by Fay Watson   [ updated Dec 18, 2011, 8:46 AM ]
I admit I bugged Fay to talk about this.  So, since she didn’t, I decided to write about it (I wrote a rough draft on paper and she is helping me finish it).  She is so modest that she hesitates to tell anyone how she started down the fitness path.  Believe it or not she was not an athlete before she was grown up.  Her first competition last fall (Oktoberfest Obliteration) was her first athletic competition.  Academics first was what her parents stressed.
How did she get started? Well, first she ate food (more food than she should), she had 4 kids, she got overweight (you saw the pictures). Fay is very fond of pointing out that if you hang out with people who weigh more than you, well you don’t think that you weigh so much, or that you are big at all.  But stepping on a doctor’s scale and seeing how much she really weighed scared her!
Then she decided (this is the key!) that she would walk (my brother calls this the ELMM  [Eat Less Move More] Diet).  Fay started walking.  I decided I would walk as well.  Of course, we became cautious of consuming a diet of bad foods.  We had started eating better along with walking. Gave up “white foods.”  Eating a diet that is almost Paleo before we knew what Paleo was.Together we lost weight, then Fay decided to run.  I couldn’t keep up, but I kept walking!  We worked out with trainers one or two days a week and started swimming 3 days a week.
Then Fay joined the Fitness Zone at UHCL where a new director came in who happened to be a trainer familiar with Crossfit.  She liked the workouts, she talked me into trying Crossfit too.  She stuck with it ever since!  The key is that she is very determined to workout.  She can see the results and said that she felt happy to see the weight loss.
I gotta say Fay’s attitude rubbed off on me.
Shawn is right I think that Crossfit saved my life.  That is if I didn’t flollow Fay I wouldn’t have had a good outcome.  So, in a way CF saved me and yes CF is good for us, PCF has helped us -YES-Shawn is really right on this point – if you have got it in yourself you will get better, be better!  What I really want to say is that I am grateful for Fay’s example.