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Sunday a Day of Rest, Not Really

posted Aug 21, 2011, 5:03 PM by Fay Watson
Every day here seems to start early.  Probably because we go to sleep so early :-).  Of course when you workout at 5:15 in the morning you really have to go to bed early!
I made a trip to Walmart early, made a date to go to Church with Kayla Ebers for second service at New Hope Main Campus, and then spent some time back at the Colonnades with DAVID.  We got his laptop out so he could watch today's sermon.  I talked to a few folks at church, sat with Denise and James Whaley and then had a good chat with Kayla in the prayer room :-).... we prayed too!
HEB next for sushi, guac, and carrots... I know I have strange food cravings for someone who is not pregnant.  Ross is in love with sushi, that is the reason I stopped to get some.
Carlos Oriheula (a former graduate student of David's) dropped in to visit David.  David thought that was pretty awesome!
AND Sue (David's mom) and Jack (her brother) arrived from Illinois!  YEAH!
A visit from April Bradshaw, then my mom, Caroline, Paul and Abigail... so nice of everyone to give up time on a Saturday afternoon and see us!  THANKS!