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The Up Days

posted Sep 28, 2011, 5:10 AM by Fay Watson
It is a good thing that the UP days out number the down days.  David is trying so hard, and it is all so difficult for him.  He really needs to concentrate to make things work, to think, to talk, to do things that should be easy.  The things that a toddler does.  How can I really know how difficult it is for him?  I really don't know hoe much effort it takes.  I am probably more aware than other folks, but he is the only one who knows.  I wish I could change that, that I could take that away.  I wish that I could make everything better!   The colliery is that David doesn't know what this has been like for me.  The sleepless nights, not just because of the interruptions, but because of stress and worry.  I still have those, it would be great if everything was magically the same as it was before.  I know it won't be the same, I hope that we can all work together to make it better!