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posted Nov 11, 2011, 7:45 AM by Fay Watson
I am happy that Ms. Gifford is still getting news coverage.  I am very happy that she is bringing us an awareness of the struggles and the recovery process for traumatic brain injuries.  David's stroke was traumatic, and his recovery is still ongoing.  We have been blessed with Friends and Family who have bent over backwards to help us.  ALL of you who have been chauffeurs and have provided meals - I just can't tell how much that has helped.  How much it means to us to have You in our lives.  From not being able to move his limbs on the left side to not swallowing (even his own saliva choked him), and not be able to speak he has come so far.  I am proud of his continued effort.  He is hand writing a column about having a stroke.  I will type it this weekend.