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What Does one Say?

posted Sep 25, 2011, 5:44 AM by Fay Watson   [ updated Sep 25, 2011, 6:05 AM ]
Don't get me wrong, WE ARE HAPPY to be having ANY conversations that we have with our friends!  AND we love the prayers and well wishing that that we have received over the past two months.  This is really me getting rid of some of my frustrations.

The number one most frequently asked question David gets is how are you?  What does one say?  After all, wellness is relative, depends on your perspective.  Do folks really want to know exactly how you are feeling?  For the most part it is that automatic conversation filler question.  Not much thought is put into it, before the question is asked.  So, we try to just let it go...  BUT if you REALLY want to know:
  1. His left shoulder is very sore
  2. His hips ache
  3. His allergies are driving him crazy, who invented Ragweed anyways?
  4. His left arm is slowly becoming more useful.
  5. Speech is a big obstacle, relearning where to put the tongue for every sound and combinations of letters that we use in English... much more tougher than we could ever really realize.  Speech is so automatic.  Make a l, then d, then a t sound...how different does your tongue move?  Not very much really...so to relearn...TOUGH to do...
  6. Things taste and feel differently because the tongue isn't doing what it used to do.
  7. He is jogging a little, walking well, and swimming some.  Climbing down stairs is scary. 
  8. We are able to argue now...you don't know how thrilling that is!  That one would actually miss fighting or arguing with a loved one...
The number one declarative sentence we hear "I am so ______ fill in the blank with your favorite positive adjective (glad, happy, thrilled) to see you here."  Let me tell you!  There was a time not too long ago when we didn't think there was going to be any more outings.  So, of course WE are happy that David is ANYWHERE!  That he is ALIVE!  

How can you be petty and complain about life when 2 months ago it didn't seem like you were going to even be alive?

Yesterday evening we attended the Bay Area Council Boy Scouts of America Woodbadge Banquet.  It was terrific seeing our scouting friends! AND grateful to be SOMEWHERE :-) together!