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Working HARD, while we are WORKING out!

posted Aug 9, 2011, 4:36 PM by Fay Watson   [ updated Aug 20, 2011, 3:19 PM ]
I need to put the computer up and get to work addressing envelopes.  David spent some time writing thank you notes this afternoon.  HE is working so hard and being so brave!   I love that he is talking more and not getting as frustrated with us when we don't understand.  He is saying so much more!  After assisting David with his morning shave and shower I got a text from Ross begging for athletic tape for his torn up fingers (very common crossfit wounds).  So I ran over to Academy, tried on some shoes, found some great clima cool adidas shows like Jons (I think?), tape and some little sockies.
Then Ross, Elyse and I did the group work out this morning at Pearland Crossfit.  I did the hero WOD.  Then I called the "Carter Homeless Woman's Shelter."  They were open for shower time, what a relief because I didn't want to drive too far.  I left there armed with cookies.
David loves Alisa's chocolate chip cookies!  He has eaten two already!  
RP came by to visit!  Thanks for coming by RP!  We love you!
Elyse and Ross just left, they are so cute!  Thanks to you both for helping J and Z!  You two rock!  Ross took Zack's spaghetti home to his apartment by accident!  They are going to eat spaghetti...and the rest of us will eat... I don' t know what...
Z and J are going to watch the Texans game with us this evening.  David misses the guys so much!  I do too, I am grateful that they are taking care of each other.
Emily is apparently on Staten ISland with friends!  I hope she is having a great day.  I am so proud of all four of our children.